CNC Milling

Our CNC Milling Department features new innovations in the machining industry. Whether low to high production volumes or one piece complex machining, all equipment and accessories have been collaborated to minimize the number of operations per piece, reducing lead times and costs to our customers. High-torque and speed through coolant spindles are designed to maximize material removal and meet surface finish requirements for various material characteristics. Rotary tables, precision vises, indexable and carbide tooling, CAD/CAM software, inspection equipment and staff all combine to create a company that is efficient and quality driven to produce excellence for its customers.

CNC Turning

Our CNC Lathe Department features present-time technology and material process knowledge for high-volume production with tight tolerance repeatability. Lathes are barfeed capable with equipped parts catch and tail stock for a wide range of material sizes. Also, high-pressure coolant for productive machining of high-alloy materials or air-dry machining for chip control and clean work environments. Process control and continuous improvement programs allow new ideas, tooling and accessory equipment to be implemented in this production area, reducing time, increasing quality, and building long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Our Programming Department provides advances in new technology for MCD Machine Inc. and its customers. The latest MasterCam versions allow file import from 20+ sources, including Autodesk, Pro/Engineering, Solidedge, Solidworks, Iges, Step and more. Prospecting work can be uploaded via email or hardcopy and then evaluated for production costs, providing quick and accurate quotes to our customers. Program files are managed and stored within our network and traceable by each job folder. Program applications such as high speed tool path, dynamic milling and 3D surfacing make complex components manageable and cost-effective.


ISO9001 Certified; we pride ourselves on being committed to this program and what it provides for our customers. Our climate controlled inspection area houses a Hexagon CMM with four-foot swing capability, Optical Comparator, Calibrated Gage Blocks, Pins, Rings and part-specific Go/No-Go gages for repeat production. Job and part database entry allows us to provide customers with material verification and traceability, plus recorded inspection sheets standardized for first and last piece inspection, with sample plan evaluation. Production travelers outline the process of each job, contain inspection criteria, along with program and document control, which is all stored in our network. Preventative maintenance schedule on all production equipment ensures machine quality with maximum output, while reducing down time and increasing on-time deliveries.