What’s our current Quality Management System?

We maintain our ISO 9001 Certification annually through a Renewal Surveillance Audit performed by an outside company. Standard documents and update processes are maintained for review with employee training. To view our certificate please click here.

Do we perform First Article Inspections?

Upon request we can perform a First Article for customer evaluation before production begins. Our standard inspection criteria is to perform a first and last piece inspection and follow sample plan evaluation set forth in our QMS during processing. Inspection documents are then recorded and saved for traceability.

How do we track part revisions?

Project documents are maintained through our server and include; Machine Setup and Programing, Ballooned Drawings, Specification and Inspection Sheets, Material Certs and Job Purchasing requirements. Items are collaborated through our ERP System with latest revisions and dates managed at Job Startup. Archive folders are used to keep record of previous Setup, Program, Drawing, and Specification revisions.

How do we maintain Shop Floor process?

During Quote process we use our ERP system to establish material, routing, and outside processes required to complete parts to customer’s specification. Once work is created, any updates are reviewed and changes made to estimating document. Shop Floor Travelers, Ballooned Drawings, and Inspection Sheets are used for revision and process verification, lot number separation, and will follow components through delivery.

How do we maintain inventories and traceabililty?

We practice FIFO (First In First Out) on all inventories. Materials with Heat or Lot Numbers are recorded by scanning documents into our Server and categorized to Customer, Part Name, and Job No. Shop Floor Travelers are inventory specific and allow traceability through our ERP System. All restock materials are tagged and located within our warehouse.

What CAD/CAM files do we accept?

We operate and maintain the latest version of Master Cam which allows use of a variety of incoming files from our customers, iges and stp files are most common. We do not require models for all projects and if a CAD/CAM system is required, our staff can create models for machining and inspection processes.