History & Overview

MCD Machine, Inc., founded in 2002 by Melinda and CJ Davis. Starting with two employees and a 900sq.ft. building, MCD Machine, Inc. now has about 15 full-time specialists occupying its new climate-controlled, 12,000sq.ft. facility which houses its fabrication and programming departments, inspection room and enclosed offices, located off of Highway 69 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Our Staff of Specialists

The staff at MCD Machine, Inc. is its strongest asset. With many college graduates within their trade of expertise, distribution of job strengths continues to be the backbone of our success.

The program department has the capabilities to use customer files, supported by software such as MasterCam and AutoCad to minimize lead times and increase productivity.

Long-term employment allows cross-training and balance within our workforce, resulting in consistent customer relationships. Partnerships with vendors allow production in Material Plating and Sub-Assembly products, providing a reduction in cost to our customers. Collaboration with customer vendors and inventory control opportunities are welcome.

Our Mission

The steady growth of MCD Machine, Inc. has been goal oriented and managed with customer service in mind. As we look towards future opportunities in customer relationships and new products, the mission will remain the same as when we were founded; to be a resilient business based on professional, competitive and profitable services, making MCD Machine, Inc. a lasting source of livelihood for its owners, employees, and its customers.