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MCD Machine Inc. can accommodate small to large projects with tight tolerance requirements using a variation of six machining centers, maximum workspace (64″x32″x30″) and weight capacity up to 4,000 lbs. A newly purchased 5-Axis machine allows for less set-up and reduced production time for our customers. Two CNC Automated Lathes with parts catcher for high volume productivity allow for maximum part size of 11″x14″. Individual part productions for assemblies are piece identified, plated and then assembled at our facility.

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Many machined components require surface or heat treatment during or after machining process is complete. MCD Machine Inc.has developed key relationships with outside vendors, each being evaluated regularly to ensure that they meet MCD Machine’s ISO Standards.
ISO 9001 Certified; our processes are all documented and saved to ensure repeatable, quicker setups resulting in lowered lead times, better productivity & superior quality.
MCD Machine, Inc. has the capability to machine larger complex components while holding tight tolerances. The piece shown here houses the electronics on an amphibious vehicle and measures over 21 inches long and is 16 inches wide.
With 2,048 sq. in. of table space and 4,000 lbs. weight capacity on our largest machining center we have the capability to machine large parts or set-up multiple operations for one program.
We have experience machining multiple components to produce one assembly. The large plate shown here is over 60 inches long and consist of more than 80 components assembled together to make one piece. Each part is assigned a Job traveler, routing the different process involved in manufacturing and assembling.
MCD Machine, Inc. has the capabilities to machine a wide range of different material types from plastics to high-performance alloys. We will work closely with our customer’s engineering staff to meet and exceed their goals.
5-Axis Machining eliminates the need for multiple set-ups, provides a better surface finish, reduces machining time, and allows the ability to machine more complex parts.
We maintain rigorous inspection criteria for in-process and final inspection. The use of our Portable CMM allows complex parts to be inspected while they are still on the machine, so there is no need to risk moving the part if additional machining is necessary.
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